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[Aug. 24, 1998]

A while ago I noticed that on one of the commercial sites offering sheet music, blank manuscript paper is offered for a price. True, it was a small price, but it seems silly to me to charge for that at all, since it's such an easy thing to make a page of staff lines using almost any word-processing or desktop-publishing software.

It's been a long time since I've used it -- for my editing jobs I generally work directly on the computer -- but I found the file that I used to print out back when I was occasionally doing some original composing, and I've formatted it to offer here.

The layout (12 blank staves per page) is what I liked, but if you prefer something different, let me know and perhaps I'll set it up.

I added my URL at the bottom, so that if you give away copies the recipient will know where to get more. If it gets in your way, feel free to cover it up and make photocopies. I left the PDF file unlocked, so if you have Acrobat software you can remove it there.

[May 7, 2001]

By request, I've made a new page with 16 staves, labeled and bracketed for orchestra. The instruments are the ones that were specifically requested, but it's a pretty standard group, so the page will probably be useful for most basic orchestra work, perhaps with minor adaptation. The file is unlocked, so if you have the Acrobat software that allows for editing the file (ie, the version that isn't free), you can use it to change or delete any of the texts. You won't, however, be able to adjust their positions.

The clefs are implemented as text, so they too may be deleted or changed. The characters for treble, bass and C clef are &, ? and B. Since the clef characters have different baselines, changing a clef may result in a clef being positioned incorrectly. (One change that does work properly is changing a bass clef to a tenor C clef.)

Those who don't have the software may achieve similar results with white-out, pen, and photocopying.

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May 7, 2001