Una furtiva lagrima

(original key and transposed)

From: L'Elisir d'Amore, 1832
By: Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)


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Arrangement: tenor solo with piano accompaniment

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This aria is readily available elsewhere -- it's included in almost every tenor aria anthology -- and there's no real need for another edition. However, a colleague expressed interest in having the piece transposed. Ultimately, I'd like to have all of the standard fare on file for easy transpositions, and this is a fairly simple piece typographically, so I went ahead and set it up.

Released: June 8, 2000
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Editorial notes: I used the Ricordi score as my primary source. I also reviewed the copies in Schirmer's Adler and Larsen anthologies. The former seems to be a copy from Schirmer's 1906 edition of the vocal score, and it contains several errors. Larsen's edition is based on the same Ricordi edition that I used. Since my standard typographic style is similar to Larsen's, our editions look nearly the same. The one significant difference in my edition is that I have written out the now-standard cadenza and coda in the main body of the music, in place of the simpler cadenza in the original edition. Larsen includes the standard cadenza as a footnote; other editions don't mention it. (See also general editorial notes.)

Source material: Ricordi's Modern Tenor Operatic Album [1983?]. The album uses photocopies of older Ricordi plates. Some show copyright dates (most of which are now expired in the United States). This one was already public domain when the album was published.

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June 22, 2009