Chi disprezza gl'infelici

From: Ciro in Babilonia, 1812
By: Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)


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Arrangement: Mezzo-soprano solo, with piano accompaniment.

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«For the opera Ciro in Babilonia I had a horrible seconda donna. Not only was she ugly beyond all description, but her voice too was without any dignity. After the most careful testing, I found that she had a single note, the middle B flat, which didn't sound too bad. I thereupon wrote an aria in which she had to sing just that note. I set it all in the orchestra, and as the piece was liked and applauded, my unitonal singer was delighted with her triumph.»

--Rossini, to Ferdinand Hiller, quoted by Herbert Weinstock in his biography of Rossini

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Editorial notes: Minor editing in piano part, mostly typographical. (See also general editorial notes.)

Source material: Uncopyrighted vocal score, Kalmus (198-). Kalmus doesn't identify the original, but it's clearly a photocopy of an old, public domain score. Oakland Public Library, main branch, 782 R736ci. Translation by Mark D. Lew.

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June 22, 2009