Then you'll remember me

From: The Bohemian Girl, 1843
By: Michael Balfe (1808-1870)


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Arrangement: Tenor (or soprano) solo, with piano accompaniment

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In the 250 years between Purcell and Britten, Balfe's The Bohemian Girl was one of the few operas by a British composer to achieve significant success. As such, it long held a place in the standard repertoire in English-speaking countries, but toward the middle of this century it gradually fell out of favor, along with most French operas of similar style from the same time period.

Several arias in the opera were standard parlor pieces around the turn of the century. Of those several, the one which has most survived is the soprano aria "I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls" (also available on this site). Equally popular in its time was this aria sung by the tenor.

Although the song is sung by a tenor in the opera, it is also well-suited for a light soprano voice.

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