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The librettos and shareware sections of this website have not been actively kept up for more than a year. The old content remains, but currently there are no expectations of adding anything new.

Update log follows:

June 16: Minor cleanup on libretto pages. Mostly deleting obsolete addresses and notes which are no longer relevant.

Jan. 26: Added song: "Danny Boy", in two keys. Minor cleanup of obsolete index files.
Aug. 23: Shareware indexes rearranged and prettified; narrative index added; minor changes to several other pages. (Some page locations have changed. Please let me know if you find any broken links.)
June 9: Added tenor aria: "Una furtiva lagrima", including transposition.
Oct. 15: Added libretto: Il Tabarro. Italian only, not proofread.
Sept. 21: Re-organized site; librettos are now in a separate directory. Revised index and notes regarding Madama Butterfly, adding a PDF version of Long's short story.
July 19: Revised four Ring librettos. One typeface changed, no significant change in content.
July 19: Added "O du mein holder Abendstern", originally a baritone aria, transposed and adapted for contralto.
July 7: Added mezzo aria: "Nuit resplendissante". Shareware index reorganized.
June 16: Added four librettos: Wagner's Ring. PDF format, with Jameson translation.
May 1: Added libretto: Madama Butterfly. Italian only, not proofread.
Mar. 13: Minor corrections to Pagliacci libretto.
Feb. 23: PDF file for SebSciag_E reloaded, to correct a minor spacing error introduced in the creation the PDF file. Several pages in the shw directory modified to show more accurate file sizes.
Feb. 19: Complete Bohemian Girl libretto added.
Feb. 7: Corrections to Pagliacci libretto. Fixed typos, modernized some old spellings, added a few footnotes. Comments on Louise libretto to reference Rick Bogart's more complete version.

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January 26, 2002