As I continue to add music to this site, I'm always open to suggestions of what would be welcome. If you're interested in a particular piece, let me know what it is. It may be a piece I'd like to add to my collection, in which case you can download it for the usual shareware price. Otherwise, I can prepare the piece specifically for you at a negotiated price.

Some factors which will guide my choices in selecting music:


Pieces offered on this site can be easily transposed to any other key. With the music software I use (Finale), changing the key and transposing the music accordingly is a fairly simply function. But although the transposition is completely accurate, moving the music often affects the spacing on the page, resulting in minor problems such as stems going in odd directions, notes overlapping with lyrics, and so forth. (In some pieces it also results in non-optimal enharmonic spellings.)

Thus, a piece which is merely transposed but not re-edited will almost always be legible but will perhaps be a little ugly. If this is good enough for you, just let me know what piece you want transposed and in what key, and I'll make it available for the usual shareware price. If you need it to be pretty, for a small fee (depending on how complicated the piece is), I'll take the extra effort to re-edit the piece in the new key.

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July 3, 1998