If a PDF file on this site requires a password, that is a reminder that the file is offered as shareware.

Viewing such a file on the screen is freely permitted. Printing the file is permitted only after the shareware fee has been mailed.

I do mean that literally: Please don't print the file until after your fee is addressed and in the mail; otherwise it's too easy to simply forget.

Libretto filename password
Das Rheingold RheiLibS-090709.pdf Froh
Die Walküre WalkLibS-090709.pdf Hunding
Siegfried SiegLibS-090709.pdf Nothung
Götterdämmerung GottLibS-090709.pdf Gibich

The files with the filename date 090709 are the current version. Earlier files are identical except for the address printed on page 2. If you have a copy of an earlier edition and you might distribute it to others, please correct the address. The current address is:

Mark D Lew
19701 Locust Way
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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Sept 7, 2009