Downloading and Printing Sheet Music Files

Printing Sheet Music Files

The sheet music files on this site are designed for optimal appearance on the printed page. Depending on your system, the picture on the screen may look blurry, and the slurs and hairpins will probably appear too thick. When the file is printed it will look fine.

The files are designed to have reasonable margins on an 8.5 x 11 page. If you are using a standard printer with that page size, you will get best results by turning OFF the "Fit to Page" option on your printer driver. (That is, in the window where you are asked how many copies, which pages to print, etc.) On many drivers, this option is turned on by default, but it is usually unnecessary. If you leave the setting on, your printer driver will reduce the image in order to add an additional margin around whatever margin is already there.

Downloading Sheet Music Files

Sheet music on this site is offered in the form of PDF files. PDF ("portable document format") is a protocol created by Adobe Systems for electronic transfer of printed material. PDF files can be opened and printed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, which is distributed freely. Acrobat Reader or some equivalent is pre-installed on most systems now, and many software packages install it as well. If your computer is a standard system and less than three years old, you probably already have Acrobat. If not, you can download it at Adobe's web site.

Some viewers (eg, Mac OS X's Preview) will give an alert window telling you that the file is password-protected. This message, potentially misleading, only tells you that manipulating the PDF file is forbidden. Printing and viewing are fully enabled. Just type return to continue past the alert window.

Each piece of music on this site has an information page, containing a description of the piece, editorial notes, and various other information. Also on this page is a link to the PDF file. (If more than one version of the piece is available, there will be a separate PDF file for each version and a link for each.) How the PDF links work for you depends on your browser and your system. Most systems nowadays are set up for everything to work automatically.

About the Files

All music files are created using Coda Technology's Finale music notation software. (I am currently using v2002, but older documents were created in earlier versions.)

Each file contains one music font, which is embedded in the PDF, and up to three text fonts, which are not. All files use Times; some also include Helvetica and/or Courier. These three fonts are Macintosh fonts. On a Windows system, Acrobat will automatically replace them with their Windows equivalents (Times New Roman, Arial, and [??].) The music font is Coda's Maestro for newer files, or Coda's Petrucci for older ones. No other fonts are used.

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October 19, 2003