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Narrative discussion of shareware pieces.
A rambling commentary on lesser-known operatic repertoire, mentioning most of the pieces offered here as well as recommending several that aren't.

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The purpose of this site is make sheet music available to musicians easily and at a low price. Sheet music is presented in a format which allows it to be easily downloaded and printed. (About downloading.)

Music on this site is derived from works in the public domain, and in most cases edited, adapted or arranged by me. Most of the music here is vocal music, because that's where my background is. There will also be a few non-opera pieces.

Most music on this site is released as "shareware." It is convenient and inexpensive, but it is not free. If you use my music, please don't neglect to pay the shareware fee. (About shareware.)

Any piece of music offered here can be easily transposed to another key. (About transpositions.)

Pieces are added to this collection only at my convenience. Thus the collection grows slowly, but it does grow. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, let me know. (About requests.)

All music here is copyrighted by Mark D. Lew. (Most of these are editions of works by other authors; the original is in the public domain, but my edition is copyrighted as a derivative work.) Rights to copy, perform and distribute the music are retained by Mark D. Lew, but may be purchased according to the terms of the shareware agreement. Distributing altered copies of the music is prohibited.

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