Arline, daughter of Count Arnheimsoprano
Thaddeus, a proscribed Poletenor
Count Arnheim, governor of Presburgbaritone [2]
Queen of the Gypsiescontralto [3]
Devilshoof, chief of the Gypsiesbass
Florestein, nephew of the Counttenor
Buda, Arline's attendantsoprano [4]
Captain of the Guardbass [5]
An Officertenor [4]
Gypsies, huntsmen, guests, etc.

The scene is laid in Presburg and environs.

The opera premiered at Her Majesty's Theatre, Drury Lane, London, November 27, 1843, with the following cast:

ArlineMiss Romer
Queen of the GypsiesMiss Betts
ThaddeusMr. Harrison
DevilshoofMr. Stretton
Count ArnheimMr. Borrani
FloresteinMr. Durnset

The United States premiere took place the Park Theatre, New York, November 25, 1844, with the following cast:

ArlineMrs. Seguin
ThaddeusMr. Frazer
DevilshoofMr. Seguin
Count ArnheimMr. A. Andrews
Queen of the GypsiesMrs. Knight
FloresteinMr. S. Pearson
Arline (act 1)Miss Dyott

(In the first act, the part of Arline is a non-singing role, played by a child.)

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