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Nancy and I have been married since 1990.  We've lived in Chicago since 1999 after I finally finished school.  We acquired two new additions to our household in July 2000.  My family currently lives in St. Louis, as do the in-laws.  

Hobbies: Computers, Music, Photography, Philosophy, Stamp Collecting, Reading, Astronomy

Former Hobbies (former due to condo living): These are some hobbies that had to go since we moved into a condo-- Ham Radio, Beer Making, Gardening

Work--I work for Schiff Hardin LLP in the Sears Tower (view from office) as a patent attorney.  I used to work for the firm Hill & Simpson before the firm went under in the summer of 2000.  In my former life, I was an electrical engineer & programmer for Boeing/McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis from 1985 to 1999.

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Last Updated March 10, 2007