chefs cb, jb and john review (and review and review) al's fine food
"The Center for Science in the Public Interest says the least healthy dish you can ever eat is cheese fries with bacon and ranch dressing!  Here it is, with your choice of bacon or Spam®.  $5.75"
fine cuisine from the fly-by-night club in spenard
jolly review of a restaurant now closed (fall 2004 - february 2005).  hmmm - wonder why?
new FEASTS page:
your descriptions of your culinary adventures.
chef john describes birthday eatin', while chef rusty gets on down to the famous el güero canelo, and chef jay grills carne asada for new year's
just so you know:
cacao beans - highest level of antioxidants of any known plant source.

great "extreme eating" column from ny metro: lambs' tongue & almond butter sandwiches, durian cream pie, rooster combs, guinea pig on a stick
in the kitchen with our own chef john, from the atlanta journal constitution
chef rusty eats shabu shabu
"Hm.  I wonder.  Does that seem like a lot of eating to you?"  chef rusty does indianapolis
the exceedingly cheerful Happy Fat Diet - check it out
thank you chef shirley for the excellent article on smell
funny piece about gluttony
if you read cookbooks for fun (like I do), you'll like this idea
chef cb and chef junglebook review memphis minnie's and johnson's bbq, san francisco
My Year of Meats by Ruth L. Ozeki.  please do not buy it from amazon - go on down to the library, or to your local independent bookstore.
When the World Smells Like Bacon
Marlena Spieler
chef junglebook remembers steak 'n' shake
chef dodie and chef craig review hong kong restaurant, socorro NM


thanks chef carole for the devil's food cheesecake for b'easter!  chocolate cake, fudge, cheesecake, fudge, chocolate cake, enrobed in a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing and decorated with chocolate chips - almost too much even for us.
hey, you can send me something too!  (not actual food necessarily, but a picture of your food)

another tempting goodie from a circa-1950s cookbook.  note the copy about how your guests will react when you serve this thing
you know you live in california when your neighbor calls and says, "my friend brought a bunch of fruit from his backyard - want to share?" and this is what you get
nature in our fruitbowl
neglected vegetable (for good reason, imho) and inspired presentation.  AAACCKKKK!!
now I can't remember which old cookbook this photo is from.  do you know anyone who misses "salads" like this jellied meat spectacle?
inscription in a used copy of "biker billy cooks with fire" that I bought
thanks chef shirley for this cool gingerbread laptop
chefs rusty and cb eat at brandy ho's on columbus.  also a cool old-style sign in chinatown
my bro todd makes our grammy emmo's christmas rocks now, and they're even better than hers (sorry grammy).  this is the official Last Xmas Rock of Xmas 2004 in the last few moments of its existence
cowboy hash in a lettuce leaf (write if you don't remember the recipe from scout camp)
frozen foodlike product in a graduated series of similar shapes, any resemblance to actual nutrition is nonexistent
naughty picture from the garden
another exciting religious sighting - bite me again, mel (see below).  this one, bvm done up in grilled cheese, was up to $22K on ebay before they took it down for "being a joke."
flotilla of lemon meringue

2004 chef cb jackolantern
guess whose wedding cake?
found shopping list
please do not buy me this
incredible vegetable carvings - this woman so totally rocks!  (thanks chef shirley)
upside down german chocolate cake
amazing fruit and vegetable carvings - read the article to learn about the guy, but be sure to click on each photo thumbnail to enlarge
unappetizing: these dishes, these utensils
chef nancy's always-fabulous lemon curd tops blueberry pancakes
our 2003 jack-o-lanterns
his + hers
Miss Punkie's Hunk-a Monkey Chunk Bars A and B
totally EEEK!
from artchef janet, SweetPea worshipping at the altar of cupcakes
the olden days: happy birthday chef richard, let's EAT (features fight photos)
chef junglebook makes his own (fred flintstone style) salad
another food adventure with chef richard: smores
sequential puddings from the interesting and strange
lunch at la morena, south san francisco, with papa
lemon strawberry

peach and wild mclaren blackberry
the very amazing watermelon cake UPDATED with the actual recipe!!
what did you eat for fourth of july?  we had lobster dogs (thank you chef carole). a rather hurried snap - pretend there was an earthquake.  and in other fourth of july news...
hamburger steak and corn salad with homegrown lettuce
fieldtrip to the farmers' market
yet another sign of the apocalypse
the american wedding (photo from, a fine blog center)
jellyroll, baby!
new stuff at the GIFT BASKET FROM HELL
hot dogs
from Southern Living: the specialty of the rebel barn in oxford, mississippi
another sign of the apocalypse
ol' spudbutt
artifact: betty crocker homemaker of tomorrow
don't you wish you had been in on the meetings that led to this product?
doughnut porn
my own personal amazing religious sighting (bite me, mel)
wild mclaren blackberry tarts 1 and 2
peaches in a crispy flour tortilla bowl
handy calorie counter
hoosiers only 1 and 2
from the vault: Red with anniversary cake
emerson and the turkey
smelley kelley birthday cake circa 1991, by chef paté and chef cb


seeking peanut butter bars / brownies recipe.  must be quite manly and not cut the peanut butter with butter, cream cheese (ick!) or powdered sugar.  no chiffonny stuff.  what's wanted is hefty, thick, chewy brownies but pb instead of chocolate.  recipe for me?
wonderful homey dessert with peanut butter and chocolate - chocolate casserole
bright-flavored spicy peanut sauce for sate or noodles
yummy vegie dish - summer squash, red potatoes, dill and sour cream
versatile cream of greens soup
peach caramel shortcake from a 1961 betty crocker cookout cookbook
another sorry excuse for a snack - recipe for a cookie made from an overpackaged processed food wrapped in another loathesome, extruded processed food.  for entertainment purposes only, please!!
new dessert at the houston downtown hyatt - thanks chef carole, always first with the monumental desserts

artchef janet rocks: pink rose-flavored marshmallows
time again for the lovely pink spring pie
the simple things are the best, part #912,432
the dish with no name: comfort food, february 2004
a loathesome excuse for a snack -  for entertainment purposes only.
another amusing antique salad
mmmmississippi mud cake with gooey photos!
nice old-fashioned icebox cookies from chef bernice
flatbread recipe , chocolate pudding recipe from penzeys spices - great basics, add your good ideas
greek garlic chicken
spicy chicken tacos with creamy green salsa
good cookies - orange chocolate chip
chiles rellenos, no frying
cranberry nut bars - easy
great braised beef recipe with guinness
our new favorite chocolate cake - easy
my grammy's forgotten cookies
chef alaska jim's beer battered halibut
chef doctor lawyer presents mushroom orzo with thyme and truffle oil
apple burritos - check it out
stop what you're doing and MAKE THIS PIE
from chef dennis, (probably) not your mother's cream of wheat (a fine bengali recipe)
best brownies / cayenne brownies de chef cb
from chef dodie, new mexico potato soup with green chiles
from chef moilene, cowboy cookies
nuclear macaroons
from chef sioban, cheddar jack mac
from chef pbd, the ultimate lunchtime joy
from chef cb to chef john, peppery cheese bread
thai-style braised beef with coconut milk
from chef john, famous tube sandwiches
from chef junglebook, a bachelor's specialty
from an old loose-leaf supermarket cookbook, salad of the ancients

thanks to artchef janet's mom for this odd airline meals pictures site
thanks chef jackie for a heads-up on this idiotic idea
the wonderful museum of food anomalies, thanks chef shirley
thanks to our fairy godmother, we went to the fancy food show this year - here's a good blog about it.  I got to taste the cabernet gelato she describes
chef dodie, especially for you.  thanks, chef shirley
I like mr. eeyore's restaurant and culture reviews (he's not for the sensitive)
more wild japanese hotdog origami from chef shirley
from chef cousin janet, further things you haven't thought enough about: bog butter
lots of new food-related snarkery in the GIFT BASKET FROM HELL
additional signs of the apocalypse.  please do not buy me this either
more funny stuff from the Eat Dangerously guys: Your Last Meal
chef luke's loving and extensive root beer ratings pages
the lovely hungry tiger
check out the new flavors in the Bertie Botts All-Flavor Beans that jelly belly is making.  very true to harry!
please visit mr. whitekeys and the fabulous fly-by-night club in spenard alaska - they have a spam fixation and a pretty rocking menu, not to mention the floorshows
chef dr. lawyer and chef dr. lawyer jr. send this lush and crunchy lunchy link
real mclaren park honey (and honeys from other san francisco neighborhoods too!) - check out citybees
from chef ron, the most excellent bento boxes
the seefood club - thanks chef ron
"Do you have a bowl of pasta everyday?"  "No. After the first year of Pasta-log I calculated I had about 0.89041095890411 bowl of pasta a day." (thanks chef shirley)
another highly experimental meal
a wacky frankfurter converter contraption from the fabulous chef shirley.  CAUTION! this will make you want to go out and buy a package of hot dogs right away, even vegetarians
chef doctor lawyer sends along a really good one - check out this Regrettable Food site
from artchef janet, actual photos of actual monkey-picked tea packaging (romance copy, monkeys picking). WOW!

"For the tea connoisseur, there's monkey-picked Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong or vintage teas like the 1930 pu-erh."
(sfchronicle tearoom review - scroll down to DISCOVERIES)

for further monkey-picked info, go here, then for a classic internet 2nd opinion, go here and be SURE to read to the very bottom!
sometimes the photos come, sometimes they don't.  but how interesting to make edible baby-jesus-in-the-mangers
chef junglebook, as always, first and best with the weird links.  here's sugar'n'spicy.  slow but fun
chef junglebook sends these two fine food links:
a "featured ingredient" page in a bigger site, and this wonderful "weird and different recipes" page
chef shirley recommends this fine japanese hotdog origami site - click on the photos for directions
thanks, chef doctor lawyer, for this link to the usda food pyramid for the undead
please check it out - EAT DANGEROUSLY - these guys are our kind of cooks and eaters
from chef dr. lawyer, the excellent RUDE FOOD site
cake batter lava - totally educational and a big cheerful mess
this woman's "food clubs" are hilarious - check out her other funny stuff too
attention pirates!  conceptual art meets sugar - arrr!
chef doctor lawyer recommends FAST FOOD FEVER - check out the FRY DOG
chef jeff recommends PEEPS TORTURE and the lemon head tour
Special Food Dishes of New Mexico andean chiles
the füd finder guys
breakfast links