Marine Forensics



This website is meant to cover a variety of topics in the field of marine forensics. I hope to add to it from time to time

But for now, my work is mostly concerned with the breakup of RMS Titanic. You can follow the headings at the top of the page to navigate around the site. I don’t yet have a guestbook, but you’re welcome to email me.

In many ways, the breakup of Titanic was unique - I’m not aware of any other ship that broke apart in quite the same way. I’ve always been puzzled by the absence of any detailed description of how the ship broke. There were, after all, just over 700 eyewitnesses who lived to tell the tale. Was it so dark that they couldn’t see? Did so much of the breakup happen underwater, out of sight? Or were they so deeply affected by what they saw that they couldn’t talk about it? Perhaps it was a combination of these and other factors. Whatever the reason, it is up to us to reconstruct the event to the best of our ability, so that we can tell the story that they could not.