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(Most sent to me by Paulette Gallegly Buche)

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Bedford and Tommy Wells at Papa's house

Bedford Wells and Marion Rutherford working on a stove.

Picture made in 1921 or 1922
From left:
Lorene Wells, Lona Cagle, Laura Wells,
Grandma Betty Wells, Mrs. Johnson (Rose Cagle's mother)
and Robert Wells

Bittie Mae Reed, Jim Tom Wells & Nancy Rutherford
October 8, 1992

Bedford Wells grandkids
at family reunion at DeGray Lake.
Tonya in front on ground, Tommy, Myra, Teresa,
Wendy, Martha, Linda, Shirley, Eddie, Jeff,
Jimmy, Junior, Jeff, Ricky, Keith, Ralph, Jerry Don
and Bob Wells played Papa.

Nancy Wells and Jackie Wells.

Angie & Joel Presson
J.L. & Mary Presson's kids.

John Jay Wells and his horse.

Gertrude Smith,
daughter of Tom & Maud Etta "Cagle" Smith.
Maud Etta was Laura Jane (Cagle) Wells' sister.
Maud Etta died when Gertrude was a baby.
Jim & Laura Wells took her in.
She was born May 14, 1908
and died January 9, 1911.

Tommy & Ellen Wells.

Eddie & Myra Rutherford and Ralph Thomas.

Tommy Wells at Papa Wells' front door.

Betty & Junior Ledbetter

Grandma Betty, Robert Wells
and Mutt the dog.

Buddy Wells, Jimmy & Junior Ledbetter, Tommy Wells & Bedford Wells

Lorene Wells, taken about 1916.

Aunt Bob Chipman,
May 7, 1972.

This was made in Jim and Laura Wells' yard
in Bills Town, Gurdon, Arkansas,
around 1930 at a little family reunion.

From left:
Roy and Verna Smith and daughter, Louise;
Lorene Wells; Nettie and Hosea Clark;
Aunt Edna Wells holding Buddy Wells;
Grandma Bettie Wells; Jim & Laura Wells;
behind them is Dewey Reed (Aunt Edna's brother);
Rosa Reed (Dewey's wife); Tom Reed holding the flag (he is Aunt Edna's dad);
Bedford Wells holding Betty Francis Wells;
Children in front are:
Bobby Wells and four of the Reed children.

NOTE: Dewey and Rosa Reed were visiting here from Texas.

Linda Presson &
Eddie Rutherford
in front of Papa Wells' house.

Wendy & Aunt Betty Ledbetter.

Butch Cagle.

Dave Benham.

Jerry Benham.

Jerry Don Presson (1957-58).

Jimmy Ledbetter (1953-54).

Jr. Ledbetter (1956-57).

Ralph Thomas (1953-54).

Darrell Wayne Wells.
Son of Sam Jr. & Christine Wells.

Jimmy and Jr. Ledbetter.

Hazel Wells, 1944

REED FAMILY, August 1983
L-R: Biddy Mae, A.D., Junice, Daphne, Harold,
and Rosa seated.

Dewey & Rosa Reed.

Aunt Alice Wells.

Thomas Roscoe Reed.

Great Grandma Betty Wells

Robert, Jeanette & Jackie Wells

David (Dee) Armstrong Wells; Gurtie Wells; Edna Wells Femister;
Albert (Skinny) Wells; Herbert Wells; Balliss Wells

(NOTE: My Mom (Nancy Jo Wells Rutherford) was living
in this house when her mother died)

Same pic as above, just cropped closer

David (Dee) Armstrong Wells; Gurtie Wells; Edna Wells Femister;
Albert (Skinny) Wells; Herbert Wells; Balliss Wells

Paulette Buche (right) and her niece, Nancy Ann Yurachek

Back Row, (l-r):
Bedford Wells;
Maud Etta Cagle Smith holding Annie Lee Smith Gates (80 years old in 1985);
Sam Wells;
Laura Cagle Wells;
Jim Wells;
Lillie Wells Hazelwood;
Bobbie Wells Gathright Chitwood;
Myrtle Brock-Abbott (Aunt Gurtie Wells' daughter)

Front Row (l-r):
Roy Smith;
Tom Smith;
Nettie Smith Clark;
Susie Wells Benham (holding Martil);
Grandma Betty Wells

Betty Jim Wells.

Laura Jane Wells and her birthday cake.

Paulette Buche's kids:
Gabriel K. and Raina Nicole Buche.

Bedford Wells with two of his grandkids:
Myra and Eddie Rutherford.

This Bobby Wells and his son, Ricky,
with their deer.

Jim Wells (Lorene Wells' dad) and his
granddaughter, Jackie Wells. Made in 1946.

Lillie Bell Wells at age 16.

Laura Jane and Betty Jim Wells.

In 1995, the local Confederate Company put a new gravestone
and a flag on James Ira Wells's grave.

The following six pictures are from that ceremony.

These are a couple of keepsakes
I got from my Mom that belonged to
my Papa (Bedford Forest) Wells: A very old pack of efferdent and his watch
(The watch still runs when wound -- even without the hands)

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