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Samuel Ira Wells Jr. while serving
in the Army during W.W.II c.1944.
He was AAA/security according to his
discharge papers. He did some island hopping:
Saipan, Iwo Jima, etc.
Sam, Christine, and son, Darrell, were
living in California when he got his draft
notice. The family had to catch a train back
to Missouri because his reporting station
was at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.
Samuel Wells served between 1943-1945.
Darrell was about three years old at the time
his father was drafted.

William Harris Hill, Sam Wells Jr., Samuel xzx

Bedford Wells and daughters:
Betty, Nancy, and Louise.

Leamon & Louise Presson Family
From left:
Linda, Martha, Jerry Don "Tanna",
Louise, Leamon, Shirley Ann, and J.L. "Butch"

Louise Wells
at 17 years old.

Eddie Rutherford playing in the road.
Son of Charles & Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford.

Jordan Brown working hard cracking a pecan.
Son of Robby Brown.
Grandson of Dale & Shirley "Presson" Brown.
Great Grandson of Louise "Wells" Presson.

Bobby Marks holding baby Carson
His & Linda "Presson" Marks' grandbaby.
Carson is Cassie's son.

Cassie holding her baby son Carson
Bobby & Linda "Presson" Marks' grandbaby.
Louise "Wells" Presson's great grandson.

Joel Presson and his bike.
J.L. & Mary Presson's son.
Louise "Wells" Presson's grandson.

Robert and Jeanette Wells
with daughter Jackie.

Eddie Rutherford playing in the snow.
Son of Charles & Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford.

Robert and Lorene Wells

John Jay Wells all
all dressed up in soldier garb.

Ricky and Bobby Wells
show off their 10-point buck.

Angie "Presson" York
and her kids.
Angie is Louise "Wells" Presson's grandaughter.

Chuck Rutherford, Wade Matlock, Keith Starkey
and owner Ricky Wells and his I-30 Automotive repair shop.

Jim Tom Wells and his gun collection

Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford and co-worker, Geogia Fulmer,
hard at work at the nursing home.

"Re-touched photo"
Nancy Jo Wells' school picture
Gurdon Schools, 1948-49

Nancy Jo Wells' school picture
Gurdon Schools, 1948-49

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