July 29, 1990
DeGray State Park

Written by:
Nancy Jo (Wells) Rutherford

Bedford Forest Wells and Edna Lou Reed were married on January 15, 1921 by Noble Mitchell in the Baylor County Courthouse in Texas. That was the beginning of the family gathered here today.

Most of this information is passed on to the little ones who have come along later in life by reading on tombstones.

Edna died at the early age of 42, but had nine children -- seven are still living and all are in Clark County. She also had two grandchildren before she died.

Bedford Wells lived to be 75 and had 21 grandchildren and five great grandchildren and spoiled each and every one of them.

Edna and Bedford Wells presently have living: Seven children; 26 grandchildren; 45 great grandchildren; and 12 great, great grandchildren. Lord, I hope that is right. Believe me, Jim's children were the easiest to count. If we have this reunion again next year, I know of two more great grandchildren we can have -- one is due in August and one is due in September.

I sincerely feel this reunion is really important so that we can get reacquainted with those relatives we already know and also, to get to know those we've never taken the time to get to know. I was at a gathering of several related families not too long ago, and the children from each family would point to people they were related to and say, "Who is that?" This is not good, and it's a shame for relatives to not realize how important family is, not just immediate family, but all of your relatives.

Each time we have a reunion may be the last chance we have to see one of our dear relatives. Since Bedford Wells' death, 21 years ago, there have been four deaths in our family: A grandson-in-law, a stepdaughter, a great grandson, and a son-in-law.

In closing, there are a few little keepsakes here that we want to pass on to the people they belong to.

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