Rutherford Family Pics
Page Four

The Rutherford Family
Dewey, Jewel, Maggie, T.D., Ruth, Edward,
Johnny, Charles Marion, Betty Jo, Annie Sue

Nancy (Wells), Annie Sue, & Betty Jo Rutherford,

Mary Ann Rutherford with her Grandparents,
Jewel Mae & Dewey Rutherford

Anna Dell Rutherford with her kids
Leta, Mary Ann, Johnny Jr., Linda
(Taken in 1958)

Willard, Ruth West holding Annie Sue Rutherford
(In front, from left):
Betty Jo Rutherford, Charles Marion Rutherford,
and Lewis & Wendell Dickerson

Jack Wendell Harris relaxing

Charles & Francis Ellington

A later pic of
Charles & Francis Ellington

Jewell Rutherford, her nephew Charlie Ellington
and her sister, Mamie Rainwater

Johnny Anna Dell Rutherford
(Taken in 1954 at their home in Louisiana)

In Back:
Betty Rutherford & Annie Sue Rutherford holding Nancy Ann Eckert
Rest from left:
Mary Ann Rutherford, Freddie Eckert,
Carl Rutherford, Johnnie Jr. Rutherford,
Joe Eckert, Tommy Eckert, Leida May Rutherford

Anna Dell, Johnny Rutherford
& Charles Marion Rutherford

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