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My passion for the French language and the American spirit has led me to a very dedicated vocational duty teaching French to English speakers and anyone eager to learn a new language.  In addition, learning French is more than learning a language. It is to acquire the ability to speak a language of worldwide business and cultural influence. To speak French significantly increases the competitiveness of the individual who has to face a modern world where knowledge of languages and cultures is a vital challenge.

Marie Marguerite was born in Brittany. Brittany is a very pretty region in the northwest of France facing England. Brittany has a Celtic ancestry like Scotland and Ireland and only became French in the 16th Century, when Anne de Bretagne married Charle VIII king of France.

Marie Marguerite lived in several Breton cities such as Dinan, St Brieuc, and Rennes, where she studied Fine Arts for two years. Then, she went to Paris where she lived for 16 years and worked at Pierre and Marie Curie University.

Additionally, Marie Marguerite founded the French Speakers Dinner Club (FSDC), dining and French conversation for French speakers of any level.  The FSDC site may be visited on the web at

She came to the United States in February 1986 and became an American citizen 8 years later in February 1994. Marie Marguerite earned her M.A. in French

literature at S.F.S.U where she taught for one year. After that, she worked for Geonexus, a private agency in Palo Alto that sent her to teach in international companies until she decided to create her own network of students eight years ago.

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