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Healing Music: "The Sounds Of Heaven" and "Music for Peace of Mind"

Bestselling Record Albums of Rafael Brom

Peaceful and Healing Inspirational Music
CD.............. $ 9.95

This record album takes you on the same sound journey through the Heavenly Realm like the album 'The Sounds of Heaven'. The music is relaxing, peaceful and soothing, good for prayer groups, meditation, schools, hospitals, etc.
Original Score for movie of Hollywood Film Producer Kurt James Stefka "Crossroads of the World". Rafael's bestseller.

Rafael Brom
Peaceful and Healing Inspirational Music
CD ................. $ 9.95

"The combination of lead vocals, choir and various digital musical instruments used in 'The Sounds of Heaven' takes you on a sound journey through the Heavenly Realm. As Heaven itself is indescribable so is this album. It is original, fresh and hard to categorize. No 'Labels' come to mind that compare to this work. It is a pure joy and pleasure for me when 1istening, especially at bedtime. The melodies are relaxing and soothing, and next morning its lovely sounds and prayerful, powerful, words remain with me. During the day many of the melodies run through my mind as a gentle, peaceful form of prayer and as a reminder of this other world to which all souls aspire."
Jonas Sturas, KQP Pasadena, California

Each CD is $9.95. For shipping in USA add $2.50 for shipping/handling. For orders outside of USA add $6.95 for shipping/handling. Texas Residents add 8.25% Sale Tax.

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Sugar Land, Texas 77478


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