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Marginal markings were used as an integral part of the production process, as well as generated by the process itself.  Many of these markings originated when sheets were produced by manual operations.  As technology advanced and printing speeds increased, production became automated and the markings have changed.  Production Markings contains five subcategories:

A.        Craftsmen’s Initials: The initials of siderographers, plate finishers and printers who made and used the plates.

B.        Flat Plate Production Markings: Guide lines and arrows used to facilitate perforating and cutting sheets into panes.

C.        Rotary Plate Production Markings: Markings used to facilitate perforating and cutting sheets into panes.

D.        Color Controls: Marginal markings used for the production of bi- and multi-color issues.

E.        Press Identification: The particular press being used by a plate was identified on that plate.





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