Marginal Markings Committee







Design Elements

A variety of inscriptions has been placed in the margins of more modern U.S. stamps.  From the 1960's on, the selvage was used to bring many messages to the public, as well as to enhance the efficiency of postal personnel and provide legal protection for images and slogans.  Inscriptions include the following six subcategories:


A.        Zip Code Cartoons and Slogans: Public reminders to use the newly introduced address codes for the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP).


B.        Mail Early Inscriptions: Public reminders to post mail early in the morning for faster delivery.


C.        Tab Data: Data relevant to the stamp subject of various issues sometimes appear in the selvage.


D.        Post Office Operations Support: Markings added to make various operations of the post office easier to accomplish.


E.        Legal Notices: Markings providing for the legal protection of printed images, emblems, and slogans.






Plate Identification


Production Markings




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