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1st AD
"Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" (TV series: TBS - contracted as Assoc. Dir.) Directors: various
 Line Producer: Chris Savage, Production Manager: Adam Donnelly
"Shooting Heroin" (feature: independent) Director: Spencer Folmar
 Producer: Spencer Folmar, Line Producer/UPM: Brandon Riley
"Crappy Mother's Day" (feature: independent) Director: Dan Karlok
 Producers: Bill Rutkoski/Dan Karlok
"Melange" (TV pilot: independent) Directors: Gary Donatelli, Tim Kashani
 Producers: Tom D'Angora/Tim Kashani, Line Producer: Scott DelaCruz
"Maniac" (2nd Unit - TV series: Netflix) Director: Ilia Mokhtareizadeh
 Producer: Carol Cuddy, UPM: John Fedynich
"Juliet, Naked" (NY Unit - feature: independent) Director: Jesse Peretz
 Producer: Igor Srubshchik, UPM: Teddy Au
"Mozart in the Jungle" (TV series: Amazon Prime) Director: Roman Coppola
 Producers: Will Graham/Caroline Baron/Sean Fogel, UPM: Caroline Baron, AUPM: Sean Fogel
"Living the Dream" (TV series: Sky TV) Director: Philippa Langdale
 Producers: James Dean/Lynn Appelle, UPM: Lynn Appelle
"Irreplaceable You" (feature: independent) Director: Stephanie Laing
 Producers: Christie Colliopolous/Farah Abushwesa/Matt Myers, UPM: Matt Myers
"The Punisher" (2nd Unit - TV series: Netflix) Director: Andy Goddard
 Producer: Gail Barringer, UPM: Loriann M. Johnson
"Forgiving Kevin" (feature in prep: Domicile Films) Director: Christopher J. Scott
 Producer: Kenneth Greenblatt, UPM: Patricia Guignard
"Elementary" (2nd Unit - TV series: CBS) Director: Michael Hekmat
 Producers: John Polson/Carol Cuddy, UPM: Patty Willett
"Unforgettable" (TV series: A&E) Directors: various
 Producer: Jill Footlick, UPM: Melissa Gelernter
"Friends of the People" (contracted as Assoc. Dir. - TV series: truTV) Directors: Neil Punsalan, Bobcat Goldthwait
 Producers: Neil Punsalan/Michele Amour/Christopher Savage/Jackie Stolfi
"The Humbling" (feature: Nu Image/Millennium Films) Director: Barry Levinson
 Producers: Jason Sosnoff/Al Pacino UPM: Ged Dickersin
"Take Care" (feature: independent) Director: Liz Tuccillo
 Producers: John Melfi/Grace Naughton/Leslie Bibb, UPM: Forrest McClain
"Blue Bloods" (TV series: CBS) Directors: various
 Producers: Jane Raab/Fred Keller, UPM: Thomas J. Whelan
"Company Retreat" (feature: independent) Director: Campbell Scott
 Producers: Todd Christensen/Campbell Scott
"Cashmere Mafia" (2nd Unit - TV series: ABC) Directors: various
 UPM: Michael Stricks
"Lovebites" (TV series: TBS, NY portion) Director: Leslie Greif
 Producer: Casey Spira
"Six Degrees" (2nd Unit - TV series: ABC) Directors: various
 UPM: Kathy Ciric
"Love Monkey" (2nd Unit - TV series: CBS) Directors: various
 UPM: Bart Wenrich

Key 2nd AD
"Gossip Girl" (Series finale: CW) Director: Mark Piznarski
 UPM: Bart Wenrich, 1st AD: Bettiann Fishman
"Blue Bloods" (TV series: CBS) Directors: various
 UPM's: Thomas J. Whelan/Joseph Zolfo/Kati Johnston
 1st AD's: Bettiann Fishman/H.H. Cooper/John Gallagher/Rebecca Strickland
"How to Make it in America" (TV series: HBO) Directors: various
 UPM: Joseph Zolfo, 1st AD: T. Sean Ferguson
"Fair Game" (feature: independent, pre-production photography) Director: Doug Liman
 UPM: Mari Jo Winkler, 1st AD: Eric Yellin
"Life on Mars" (TV series: ABC) Directors: various
 UPM: Joseph Zolfo, 1st AD: Jono Oliver
"Notorious" (feature: Fox Searchlight) Director: George Tillman, Jr.
 UPM's: Margo Myers/George Paaswell, 1st AD: Jono Oliver
"Dirty Sexy Money" (TV pilot: ABC) Director: Peter Horton
 UPM: Neri Kyle Tannenbaum, 1st AD: Bettiann Fishman
"Six Degrees" (TV series: ABC) Directors: various
 UPM: Kathy Ciric, 1st AD: Bettiann Fishman
"Love Monkey" (TV series: CBS) Directors: various
 UPM: Bart Wenrich, 1st AD: Rob Albertell
"Law & Order: SVU" (TV series: NBC) Directors: various
 UPM: Gail Barringer, 1st AD: Denis Doyle
"Law & Order" (TV series: NBC, 2 episodes) Director: Jace Alexander
 UPM's: Rebecca Saionz/Stephen Wertimer, 1st AD's: Stephen Wertimer/Christo Morse
"New York Summer Project" (short: independent) Director: Michele Noble
 UPM: Charles Zalben, 1st AD: Chase Newhart
"Halloween: Resurrection" (feature: Dimension, reshoots) Director: Rick Rosenthal
 UPM/1st AD: Michael Samson
"Sex and the City" (TV series: HBO, 4th season) Directors: various
 UPM: Jane Raab, 1st AD: Mark McGann
"Sopranos" (TV series: HBO, 3rd season 2nd Unit) Director: Henry Bronchtein
 UPM's: Henry Bronchtein/Scott Hornbacher, 1st AD: Randy Barbee
"100 Centre Street" (TV series: A&E, 1st season) Directors: various
 Exec. Prod.: Sidney Lumet, Line Prod.: Philip Hack, Prod. Supervisor: Rosemary Lombard, 1st SM: Jonathan Starch
"Delivering Milo" (feature: independent, AC/NY portion) Director: Nick Castle
 UPM's: Deepak Nayar/Blair Breard, 1st AD: Randy Barbee
"Bull" (TV pilot/NY portion: TNT) Directors: various
 UPM's: Nan Bernstein-Freed/Kati Johnston; 1st AD's: Alex Hapsas/Stuart Feldman
"Third Watch" (TV series: NBC) Director: Chris Chulack
 UPM: Neri Kyle Tannenbaum, 1st AD: Michael Samson
"Election" (feature: independent, NY/DC portion) Director: Alexander Payne
 UPM: Alysse Bezahler, 1st AD: Randy Barbee
"Trinity" (TV series: NBC, 98-99 season) Directors: various
 UPM's: David DeClerque, Debbie Penchina; 1st AD's: Bobby Warren, Michael Samson
"Cold Feet" (TV pilot: NBC) Director: David Seltzer
 UPM: Kathleen McGill; 1st AD: Randy Barbee
"Dellaventura" (TV series: CBS, 97-98 season) Directors: various
 UPM: David DeClerque; 1st AD: Michael Samson
"13 Bourbon Street" (TV pilot: Fox) Director: Duwayne Dunham
 Producer: Kim Meyers; 1st AD: Michael Samson
"Lawn Dogs" (feature: Rank Films) Director: John Duigan
 UPM: Amy Kaufman; 1st AD: Michael Samson
"New York Undercover" (TV series: Fox, 95-96 season) Directors: various
 UPM: Peter McIntosh; 1st AD: Michael Samson
"General Hospital" (TV serial: ABC, NY location shoot) Director: Shelley Curtis
 Prod. Exec. Eve Luzzi; UPM: Vivian Ramos; 1st AD: Randy Barbee

2nd 2nd AD
"The West Side Waltz" (MOW: CBS, NY portion) Director: Ernest Thompson
 UPM: Bruce Greenfield; 1st AD: Eric Small; Key 2nd AD: Wayne Carmona
"The Wright Verdicts" (TV series: CBS) Directors: various
 UPM: Mark McGann; 1st AD's: Joe Burns/Chris Swartout; 2nd AD's: Bettiann Fishman/Debra Kent
"New York Undercover" (TV series: Fox) Directors: Fred Keller, Don Kurt
 UPM: Peter McIntosh; 1st AD's: Michael Samson/Randy Barbee; 2nd AD's: Cyd Adams/Danielle Rigby
"Law and Order" (TV series: NBC) Directors: various
 UPM's: Jeffrey Hayes/Lewis Gould; 1st AD's: Bobby Warren/Gina Randazzo/Randy Barbee
Key 2nd AD's: Gina Randazzo/Marlene Arvan/Randy Barbee/Chris Swartout/Amy Lynn
"Forget Paris" (feature: Castle Rock, NY portion) Director: Billy Crystal
 UPM: Mark Baker; 1st AD: Jim Chory; Key 2nd AD: Michael DeCasper
"American Clock" (cable movie: TNT, NY portion) Director: Bob Clark
 UPM: Leanne Moore; 1st AD: Ken Goch; Key 2nd AD: Roni Wheeler

Add'l 2nd AD
"Hackers" (feature: United Artists, NY portion) Director: Iain Softley
 UPM/1st AD: Joel Tuber; Key 2nd AD: Glen Trotiner; 2nd 2nd AD: Dean Garvin
"The Good Policeman" (TV series pilot: Fox) Director: Peter Werner
 UPM: Nan Bernstein-Freed; 1st AD: Howard McMaster; Key 2nd AD: Mary Rae Thewlis; Add'l 2nd AD: Roni Wheeler

DGA Trainee
"Mr. Wonderful" (feature: Samuel Goldwyn Co.) Director: Anthony Minghella
 UPM: Steve Felder; 1st AD: Steve Andrews; 2nd AD's: Phil Patterson, Tom Lisi
"Barbarians at the Gate" (special: HBO, NY portion) Director: Glenn Jordan
 UPM: Bruce Greenfield; 1st AD: Ellen Schwartz; 2nd AD's: Bettiann Fishman, John Gallagher
"Sinatra" (mini-series: CBS, NY portion) Director: Jim Sadwith
 UPM's: Stan Neufeld, Peter McIntosh; 1st AD: Peter Bogart; 2nd AD's: Melanie Feder, John Gallagher
"Graham" (TV pilot: ABC) Director: Scott Winant
 UPM: John Stark; 1st AD: Michael Steele; 2nd AD: John Penotti
"Boomerang" (feature: Paramount) Director: Reginald Hudlin
 UPM's: Steve Rose, Jonathan Filley; 1st AD: Joseph Ray; Key 2nd AD: Randy Barbee
2nd 2nd AD: Bill Jennings; Add'l 2nd AD's: Roni Wheeler, Jose Alvarez, Carrie Rudolf
"Law and Order" (TV series: NBC) Directors: various
 UPM's: Jeffrey Hayes, Lew Gould; 1st AD's: Vebe Borge/Bobby Warren
2nd AD's: Johanna Jensen/Gina Randazzo/Dana Kuznetzkoff, Susan Fiore/Chris Swartout
"Last Wish" (MOW: CBS, NY portion) Director: Jeff Bleckner
 UPM: Nan Bernstein-Freed; 1st AD: Tony Adler; 2nd AD: Susan Fiore
"The Marla Hanson Story" (MOW: NBC, NY portion) Director:John Grey
 UPM: Bruce Greenfield; 1st AD: Jim Meniolas; 2nd AD: Chitra Mojtabai
"Regarding Henry" (feature: Paramount, NY portion) Director: Mike Nichols
 UPM: Joe Hartwick; 1st AD: Mike Haley; 2nd AD's: Glen Trotiner, Tim Williams

Production Associate
"Penn & Teller Get Killed" (feature: Warner Bros.) Director: Arthur Penn
 UPM: Carl Clifford; 1st AD: Lew Gould; 2nd AD: Tony Adler
"Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread" (special: Showtime) Director: Bob Balaban
 UPM/1st AD: Lew Gould; 2nd AD: Liz Ryan
"Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks For Dear Friends" (home video: Lorimar) Director: Art Wolff
 UPM: Tim Marx

Previous experience
"Penn & Teller" - Production Manager, Stage Manager, Prop Master ("Director of Covert Activities"), light & sound technician, etc. Included Off-Broadway, Broadway, 1st National Tour, several appearances on " Saturday Night Live", "Late Night with David Letterman", and numerous other guest shots, specials, videos, interview shows, news programs, etc.

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