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Tara Seiden Furgiuele Tara Seiden Furgiuele, a first-time author, worked in the hospitality industry for twenty years. While she was employed at the Marriott World Trade Center, the disaster of September 11th occurred. As a result, Tara was motivated to leave the field of hotel work, go back to school, and become a teacher.

At Brooklyn College, Tara majored in early childhood education and psychology. As a requirement for a literacy class, she had to write a children's story and tapped into her knowledge of psychology — specifically, how a child's conscience works. Calling up her own memories of a childhood experience in which she and some local children ate pears from a neighbor's tree, Tara wrote Albe's Apple. It is the story of a little boy who experiences the ache of guilt after having stolen the prize apple from a tree in a neighboring orchard. Although Albe confesses his deed to the owner of the apple tree (who forgives him) he still needs to find a creative way to assuage his bad feelings.

Tara taught pre-Kindergarten for two years and then took time out to stay at home with her twins. In 2009 she obtained her Master's Degree in Special Education and is planning to do early intervention for children with special needs. Between schoolwork and parenting, Tara is busy writing the sequel to Albe's Apple, Albe's Cousin Joey.

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