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Kauffman Outfitters
Premier Outfitters of Elk, Ibex & Oryx
New Mexico

Harvester Muzzleloading
Scorpion Gold Bullets & Crushed Rib Sabots

The Slope Doper
An Essential Tool for ALL
Hunters & Target Shooters

Pro-Shot Products
The Untimate in Firearms Maintenance

Score High Gunsmithing
Superb muzzle brakes &
Adjustable bedding pilars

Warner Tool Company
Catering to the Competitive Shooter
World Class F-Class Rifles

A  Directory Listing  of
Certified  Firearms Instructors

Stone River Gear
High Performance Flashlights &
Ceramic Knives for Home & Field Use

Rann Safaris & Safari South
Jeff Rann, 30 experience as a PH
Botswana & Zambia, Africa

Currawong Lakes
Quality Fly Fishing and Wing Shooting
Tasmania, Australia

South Pacific Safaris
Mike & Debrah Wilks 
Kaikoura, New Zealand

G.P.S. Wild About Shooting
The Absolute Best Range Bag Ever Made

Performance Shotshell Ammunition
"I Didn't Come This Far to Miss"

 USA Carry
Information on Concealed Carry

 Bartlein Barrels

Precision Single-Point Cut Rifled Barrels

Reference Guide for Over 57,000 Firearms

Midway USA
Everything for Reloading & Shooting

Real Guns.Com
Good Info on Reloading & Shooting

The Reload Bench
Great Info for the Reloader

The Reloader's Nest
A Resource for Handloaders

Ammo Guide
Mike Haas' Reloaders Site

Centerfire Central
Reloading & Shooting Information

Rifle Shooter.com
Great Info on Ballistics & Shooting

Dixie Gun Works
Black Powder Arms & Supplies

Shooters Ridge
A Full Line of Shooting Accessories

Varmit Al's Pages
The Bi-Fur Pod & Other Neat Stuff

Krieger Barrels
Single-Point Cut Rifled Barrels

Sinclair International
Products for Precision Shooters

Innovative Technologies
Website for Shooters

The Ultimate Sportsman
Neat Fishing & Hunting Stories

Border Barrels
Custom barrels and Rifles

Montana Tests
Independent Tests of Outdoor Products
Gunners Den
Gun Directory and Guide

Precision Reloading
Shoot with Precision

Chestnut Ridge Supply
Online Parts & Supplies
Bison Ballistics
 Information for the Precision Marksman

American Gumsmithing Institute
Videos on Disassembly/Reassembly & Repair

Shooters Supply
Laser Sights & Holsters

Selection, Service, Satisfaction

Bullseye Shooting Supplies
Guns, Ammo, Tools & More

Brux Barrels
Fine custom cut target barrels

Hunting Nut.com
PointBlank Ballistics Software
Forums & Great Info

 Projektil2 Software
A Nice Ballistics Calculator

Great Ballistics Calculators
From Black River Bullets

Record Buck Ranch
Whitetails, Exotics, Elk and Wild Hogs

JBM Small Arms
Ballistics Calculator

Steve's Pages
Lots of Great Information

Eberlestock U.S.A.
The last hunting pack you'll ever need to buy

Barnard Precision
Custom Actions, triggers & stocks

Bat Actions
World Class Actions

The Sportsman's Guide
Your Guide to the Great Outdoors

L.L. Bean
Outdoor Supplies & Clothing

Broughton Barrels
Extreme accuracy - customer satisfaction

Ol' Buffalo Metallic
Cartridge Handloading Guide

Reviews & News on the Gun Industry

MTM Case-Gard
Boxes, Benches & Rests


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