Alessandro Filipepi, otherwise known as Botticelli, is one of the hottest new painters to come out of Italy in years. Currently showing at the Uffizi, the fashionable venue near the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, his works bring new meaning to the term "Pre-Raphaelite." Romantic and achingly beautiful, his paintings reflect his classical interests. Keep your eye on this guy!
Self-Portrait  by S. Botticelli

What the "cognoscenti of the quattrocento" are saying about

Sandro Botticelli:

"Botticelli seems to be up-and-coming. His lines are clean and his colors crisp and vibrant. Way to go, man."
--Masaccio, fresco artist, painter of
The Tribute Money

"How come none of the rest of us ever thought of using shadows and reflected light to define our contours? Botticelli has truly left the Late Middle Ages behind."
--Giotto, fresco artist, painter of
The Life and Times of St Francis of Assisi

"Pretty girls in scant clothing--my type of painter"
--Boccaccio, essayist, author of The Decameron

"I like him. He really knows how to make a guy look good in egg tempera."
--Lorenzo (Il Magnifico) de Medici, statesman