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Are you looking for an efficient way of teaching scales to your violin and viola students? An aid for explaining enharmonics? A pictorial representation of the distances between half steps and whole steps throughout the length of the fingerboard? If so, these scale maps are for you. The templates below can be used to "map" scales of any mode in any number of octaves or to identify which notes, finger patterns or hand frames are used in a given etude or piece. Each scale is "mapped" on a separate template using highlighters or colored pencils to shade the notes used in the scale. Best results are achieved if each position of the scale is shaded with a different color. This way, the finger patterns or hand frames stand out from the background. Teachers' recommended rhythms in which each scale should be played can be notated under the "Rhythms" column to the right of the map. Sometimes it is useful to use two different maps to shade the ascending and the descending forms of a particular scale. Example

If you would like to try this method of teaching and/or learning scales, please feel free to download the PDF versions of the images below and to photocopy them at will. The rules are that you maintain the copyright insignia at the bottom of the page for all copies, that you do not reproduce the maps for sale and that you do not post either the pdf or the jpg images at another site. Please contact me about links to my site, questions, comments or educational results at: mallentn@earthlink.net .

Melissa Allen
Knoxville, Tennessee

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Download PDF

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