The Daiza Diva!
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"Flying Seahorse"

About 50 years ago (My, how time flies when you’re having fun!) at an impressionable age, there was a neighbor lady who gave art lessons to the neighborhood kids.  She wore big jewelry, eye shadow (our moms didn’t) and a mink coat to the local movies! I thought she was wonderful!  She was a painter and “signed” her work with two mushrooms instead of a signature. After much experimentation I settled on the “Flying Seahorse” line drawing as my signature. For over 50 years that symbol has been part of my life. All my art work, including jewelry and stamps, (I even have a ’Flying Seahorse’ tattoo) has been ‘signed’ with that logo since then.

As an art teacher in public schools, I had always told my students to sign and date all of their work. Sign it because you are proud of your accomplishment (you want the world to know how proud) and the date because it it surprising how fast time goes by. When I complete a daiza, I also include the country of origin of the stone (when I know) and the sequential number of the daiza.