Beverly Jones Jewelry Designs
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About Me




      Wow-inspiring design, meticulous craftsmanship,

 and great attention to detail seamlessly team up with comfortable wearability in a democratic environment  where a precious gem might share space with a found object or a natural oddity. Example –silver pendant with a meteorite, a ruby and a piece of petrified armadillo hide.


     I stepped sideways from documentary filmmaking into jewelry fabrication during a time I was spending long days in dark editing rooms. To relax at night, I began stringing beads. The calmness of this simple, tactile world of beads was the perfect antidote to the complex, digital, electronic one of filmmaking. Suddenly I could breathe again. A bead led to silver and fire, which led to enamel and now leather and fabric – I can’t stop. In a creative sense, this world of small adornments feels huge, limitless and exciting, and the skill challenges to create beautifully crafted work should keep me busy indefinitely


     The woman who wears my jewelry loves color and surprises. She has no inclination to look like everyone else, knows trends but doesn’t necessarily follow them, and will break a fashion rule if it pleases her.