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Gem Adventures

The Lives & True Adventures of the Gems

I have to admit, I get attached to the jewelry I create so I am especially happy when I know a piece is going to a loving home, and I get really excited when I find out my jewelry is living a more exciting life than I am. 
Let me know about the comings and goings of your jewels and I'll feature their adventures here.


There are 2 of these necklaces- one now in Manhattan and the other in Brentwood, CA. Each has been seen at muscial events on both coasts.


The woman who owns this druzy pendant necklace is a writer, a painter and a political activist. Shopping at a recent Contemporary Crafts Market event, she was complimented on her necklace by several of the exhibiting jewelers.


This fabulous pearl and chalcedony necklace is a comissioned piece for a bride in Pennsylvania. The wedding took place in July.