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I know your days are packed. You don't have the time to read screenplays sent to you for consideration. If your readers are overworked I would be happy to relieve the load. Or maybe you simply want a fresh perspective.

If a client needs input on a script I'd be happy to help there as well. It's what I do. Rush job? No problem at all. Often turn around in two days. Just give me a call, or e-mail for a schedule of fees. I've worked in the industry as a writer and consultant for over 20 years.
If you have novels or other source material you would like to consider for film, I am well experienced in reading for film as I once was a literary agent.

**As a film/television long form producer, I am impressed with your knowledge and experience in the format.Your creativity, particularly in action sequences, has taken the material from the banal to the "good read" every producer seeks. Your input in the material you have sent to me demonstrates your taste and sensitivity to the commercial market. This is the toughest business in town, access is important, but only if your have the talent to back it up. However, in a town of only one chance, you are aware that shot had better be your best effort---and that only comes from the rewrite---and no one rewrites well in the dark. Thank you for shining your light on others' work---

--M.D. Humphreys, Producer film/tv, "Tailhook"ABC MOW.
If you are in search of new material, and fresh voices, let me know what you are looking for. My clients may just have the screenplay that will fit the bill and knock your socks off!  Simply send an email with "Request" on the subject line.
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