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SCREWED:  Romantic comedy.
Is imagination merely visions of things that could be, or can it actually create reality? Two dysfunctional lovers find out in a most unimaginable way.
IN THE END:  Romantic Comedy.
In the beginning sometimes you have to leave a loved one behind, but "In the End" you discover that love is the true beginning.
There are thousands upon thousands of aspiring screenwriters throughout the world.  And as Maddy--a hot L.A. agent says, " There are thousands of you --you're like fucking lemmings for godssake - - heading to the sea --about to drown. Everyone wants to be a screenwriter -- everyone's convinced the next big spec sale will be theirs. Truth is, the system hasn't changed. There isn't an ocean big enough to hold all of you."
But Polly doesn't see it that way and proves it doesn't have to be that way. It's Hollywood vs. Polly... or is it the other way around?
A story all writers will relate to... and anyone who is torn between a career and the life they left behind.
SYD&OLLIE: Romantic comedy/Action
She's a receptionist from Queens. He's a bounty hunter from the mountains. They have absolutely nothing in common except the two men trying to kill them.
REMOTE KILL: Thriller/Action  Inspired by true events
He is the ultimate weapon of war. One look. One thought. You're dead. The face of war is changing.
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