"We dare not forget that we are the heirs of that first revolution. ~John F. Kennedy

Professional photographer, author, graphic artist, Mickey Maguire is an avid history buff.
His interest is primarily in Colonial America, and the American Revolution.
Today Mickey lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Mary Rose.

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Mickey Maguire is a professional photographer, author, publisher, coach, songwriter, and motivational speaker from Columbus, Ohio.

Born in Dumont, New Jersey in 1958, Mickey moved to Ohio ten years later where his feet found a path that took him into nature's recreation lands. It was there that he discovered a passion for the outdoors, landscape photography and fly fishing in particular.

Today, Mickey still teaches fly fishing and tying, on occasion, and continues to pursue his photographic interests. He writes songs and plays a big list of musical instruments. He enjoys cycling and hiking for fun and fitness.


Mary Rose Maguire is a writer and professional relationship and communications coach and motivational speaker originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mary Rose teaches communication skills and assertiveness training to women over forty that are looking for lifelong loving relationships. She brings practical advise and good humor to any presentation and helps people realize what it is they really want in life and love.

When Mary Rose is not helping ladies find love, she is teaching people how to design digital scrapbook pages to remember all the wonderful times of their lives.

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