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Weeping montezuma cypress






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We've got some gorgeous five gallon American Sycamore trees that will go a long way in providing you with quick shade in your landscape. Contrary to their reputation as heavy water users, Sycamores are very tough trees that only require supplemental water their first season. Our trees are from a very drought tolerant western population on the Nueces River watershed in Edwards County.

Texas Native Trees

You can settle for the limited nursery selection a the giant box retailer or be adventurous and plant some truly beautiful Texas native trees. Some outstanding performers include the Montezuma Cypress, "Sanderson" Mexican Redbud, Black Cherry, Smoke Tree and Lacey Oak. For shady locations, try the always reliable Mexican Buckeye and Roughleaf Dogwood. All are drought-hardy and insure that you will have a pest-free landscape with beautiful flowers, foilage and Fall color.

In 1994, owner Dan Hosage was awarded a U.S. Patent for "Traveller," a weeping form of the Texas Redbud which has received several national horticulture awards.

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind specimen trees, please give us a call. We have limited quantities of hard to find native trees in 30-90 gallon containers. Please bring plenty of muscle to get them into your truck or trailer, we do not have the capability to lift them into your vehicle, but can provide ramps and other accessories.

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