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Native Texas Plants - availability for 2011
(updated 01/09/11)

Welcome to our 25th year...we're almost a Texas tradition! Here's a heartfelt thank you to all our friends and customers who continue to support our efforts to preserve the botanical heritage of our great state.

Wild populations of many native species are still quickly disappearing under bulldozers and development. Meanwhile, "big box" landscape centers invite us all to use plants that aren't meant for our growing conditions - from severe drought to floods. It is more important than ever to plant locally adapted species.

Our choices make a difference in the environment and the lives of those around us. So thanks again for buying local and buying our plants. And we urge you to support other small businesses in your community - as we do every day in our community.

Please email us for the latest stock availability list. Let us know if there is a particular native species you are interested in. We can see about adding it to our grow list or tell you whether or not it is already in stock. Be sure to check our "Top Plant Picks for Central Texas" page for a list of links to individual plant descriptions, photos, and habitat value.

You are welcome to come by the nursery any time you are in our area, as long as you call ahead. You'll find that your landscaping budget goes a lot farther here.We are open by appointment only but are flexible in accommodating your schedule.

We can also make recommendations for replacing plants on bids with better adapted substitutes. Call us to discuss your upcoming project or fax us your project plant list. Our phone/fax number is 512-353-3944.

Through the years, over a million Madrone Nursery propagated plants have been used for extensive revegetation projects, commercial and residential landscapes, and site reclaimation. Consult our clent/site listing.

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Bringing our seeds and plants to your doorstep.

Mail Order symbols

Look in the upper right corner of our plant pages to see if this native has seeds, bulbs, sprouts, or plants available by mail. Here's the keys to look for:

Available by mail order
Seed packet available
Bulb available
Sprout available (this is a sturdy 2-6 month old plug, liner, or seedling
Plant available (this is a 9 month to 2 year old plant




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