Rosin-Weed (Silphium species)
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|wildflowers|height 2-5'|spread 18-24"|full sun|yellow flowers in Summer|attracts butterflies|
Yellow Rosin-Weed (Silphium Simpsonii)

Rosin-weed (Silphium sp.)

Simpson's Rosin-weed (Silphium Simpsonii) is a showy addition to your sunny landscape bed or meadow. It makes an ideal background plant with a tall spike (3-5') of bright yellow, daisy-like flowers rising above a rosette of deep green leaves

A more uncommon sister species, the Compass Plant (Silphium laciniatum) is quicky disappearing from the wild in the wake of suburban development and animal grazing. When we have them available, our plants are seed-grown from a population located at Spanish Pass near Boerne.

White Rosin-weed (Silphium albiflorum) is a striking endemic native of the Blackland Prairie. It consists of a large flattened rosette of very stiff, almost alien looking foilage with a 2' spike of beautiful, long-lasting white flowers.

Young Silphium plants should be protected from deer.

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