Scarlet Penstemon (Penstemon triflorus)
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|wildflowers|height 20"|spread 8"|partial/full shade|dark pink flowers in Spring|attracts hummingbirds|
Scarlet Penstemon (Penstemon triflorus)

Scarlet Penstemon (Penstemon triflorus)

In Spring, our endemic penstemon from the Edward's Plateau sends up spikes of brilliant dark pink flowers from a low rosette of glossy green leaves. The plant naturalizes quickly, and is very drought tolerant. It prefers partial to full shade in rocky, well-drained soil but is also an excellent choice for shady flowerbeds.Here at the nursery, our scarlet penstemons have made a home on our nature trail in a shady area where they get no supplemental water.

Scarlet penstemon is deer-resistant.

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