Prairie Foxglove (Penstemon cobaea)
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|wildflowers|height 18-24"|spread 8-15"|full sun|white/pink flowers in Spring|attracts butterflies/bumblebees|
Prairie Foxglove  var. "Prairie Gal"






Madrone Nursery's new cultivar, "Prairie Gal" is a showy addition to your garden.


Prairie Foxglove (Penstemon cobaea)

Once a common wildflower of the central U.S. prairies, this gorgeous perennial has fallen victim to suburban development and digging. It is quickly disappearing from our area.

From a tidy rosette form, the plant sends up 18-24" spikes of large bell-like flowers in April and May. The flowers continue to put on a show for 6-8 weeks. It is easy to see why this is a popular native species. Prairie Foxglove loves a sunny meadow or flowerbed, is long-lived, and tolerates poor soils.

Flower spikes need to be protected from browsing deer.

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