Texas Bluebells (Eustoma grandiflora)
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|wildflowers|height 18"-24"|spread 10"-15"|full sun|purple shaded flowers in Summer|attracts honeybees|
Texas bluebells (Eustoma grandiflora)

Texas bluebells (Eustoma grandiflora)

One of our most beautiful herbaceous wildflowers, Texas bluebells are crowned with dozens of long-lasting 2"-3" blooms in the heat of summer. Unlike the hybrids found at the box retailers, the true Texas variety is a tough plant that requires little water and fertilizer to put on a spectacular show. Although it is a short-lived perennial (2-5 years), it naturalizes readily from seed produced in upright capsules. In the past, bluebells were widely seen in fields in the Hill Country and blackland prairie. Their beauty has resulted in their current disappearance in the wild.

Texas bluebells are deer-resistant but flower buds may be nipped.

Masses of showy flowers for months
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