Virginia Creeper (Parthinocissus heptaphylla)
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Virginia Creeper (Parthinocissus heptaphylla)

Virginia Creeper (Parthinocissus heptaphylla)

This Hill Country native needs to be more widely used in landscapes as it provides excellent forage for songbirds and covers a wide variety of problem spots with decorative green leaves and attractive berries. A relative of the eastern Virginia Creeper, it differs in having typically six to nine leaflets at maturity, rather than the usual five, and thrives in the local alkaline soils. It can be used as a groundcover, but will readily climb any vertical surface such as trees, fences, trellises, or walls. Virginia Creeper's black, grape-like fruit is highly prized by wildlife. In the Fall, the leaves are striking -- splashed in bright oranges, reds, and purples.

This long-lived vine is cold and drought tolerant enough to be planted throughout the state. It is an excellent choice for bonsai.

Virginia Creeper is deer-resistant but newly planted young vines should be protected.

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