Native Pecan (Carya illinoiensis)
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|trees|deciduous|height 60-80'|spread 30-40'|sun/part shade|wildlife food|
Pecans from the parent trees of Madrone Nursery stock

Native Pecan (Carya illinoiensis)

Usually found as a large tree in/or about waterways or floodplains, this widespread tree produces the edible nut of commerce. Pecan trees are fast growing and yields a beautiful wood for cabinetry and furniture use. The wild form produces a smaller nut that is often considered tastier than commercial varieties. The tree yields an abundant crop every 2-3 years.

Pecans make excellent shade trees but are not a good choice for small city or surburban yards. If planted near driveways, sticky residue emitted from summer through fall can coat car finishes and windows. In addition, their leaves and husks need to be raked and disposed of as they will retard the growth of plants growing beneath them.

Container-grown pecans can be planted at any time of the year but care should be taken to make sure that the persistant tap root is not being strangled by roots circling the pot. Carefully orient the tap root to the bottom of the dug hole for best results.

Native pecans have bitter leaves, making them unattractive to browsing deer.

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