Montpelier Maple (Acer monsplessalanum)
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Montpelier Maple* (Acer monsplessalanum)

* Horrible name needs to be changed to for our area. Resembles a small-leafed, mid-size sugar maple. Any ideas?

This maple ranges from the northwest Mediterannean basin west to Afghanistan. Found in a variety of soils, altitudes and temperatures, this non-native was pressed upon me by a staff member of the Denver Botanical Garden. I finally located some individuals and have some 200 or so five gallons that will be ready for sale late summer of 2010.

The tree is incredibly adapted to variable temperatures (both high and low), indifferent to soil type or pH and appears to be moderately/quite drought hardy. The tree resembles a small leafed sugar maple. Fall color is primarily yellow and oranges but I really don't know! The tree is moderate to fast in growth - ultimate height in our area will be (just guessing) 30' with a 30' to 40' rounded crown.

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