Mexican White Oak (Quercus polymorpha)
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Mexican White Oak (Quercus polymorpha)

Mexican White Oak (Quercus polymorpha)

Also known as a Monterey Oak, this fast growing white oak has become a popular choice for providing shade and bird habitat from the Rio Grande Valley to north Texas. The tree is considered nearly an evergeen, with medium dense foilage that provides an excellent sound and wind barrier. Tardily deciduous leaves fall and are quickly replaced in the Spring, the new growth fanning out in a rainbow of shades from light pink to rose red.

Resistant to live oak wilt, Mexican White Oak is an excellent substitute for the Hill Country live oak (Quercus fusiformis). Although they don't bother mature specimens, deer may browse the tips of young trees.

Note: This is one of the most commonly mislabeled trees offered for sale in the nursery trade. Often it is a hybrid form with Bur, Chinquapin, or Red Oak parentage, making the trees more susceptible to insects and disease. By comparison, Madrone Nursery stock is genetically pure and will perform robustly in your landscape. Where you get these trees does make a difference!

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