Mexican Buckeye (Ugnadia speciosa)
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|trees|deciduous|height 10-15'|spread 10-12'|sun/part shade|pink flowers in early Spring|Fall color|
Mexican Buckeye (Ugnadia speciosa)

Mexican Buckeye (Ugnadia speciosa)

This multi-trunked small tree rewards you with bright pink flowers in early Spring, followed by interesting three-seeded capsules. Mexican Buckeye is extremely tough, fast growing and needs little water. It adapts to a variety of soil conditions and thrives in full sun to part shade situations. It makes an excellent understory tree for shady yards. Dependable Fall color is a clear golden yellow.

Mexican Buckeye is very deer resistant but young buds may be sampled.

Dependable Fall color is an attractive golden yellow.
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