Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)
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Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)

Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)

This attractive white oak is endemic to the central/western portions of the Hill Country. Resistant to live oak wilt, it is an excellent substitute for the Hill Country Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis). The Lacey Oak is fairly slow growing, with acorns forming at irregular intervals (9-17 years). The tree's habit is similar to that of the Live Oak but the canopy cover is a distinct blue green. The tardily deciduous leaves lack Fall color but new Spring growth is a striking hot pink.

This is another tree that we have often seen mislabeled in the nursery trade, as many suppliers and consumers are unfamiliar with the true species. Our stock is grown from genetically pure populations.

Lacey Oaks do prefer sites with good drainage and should not be over-fertilized. The tree is deer resistant but young trunks need to be protected from rubbing antlers.

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