Blanco Crabapple (Prunus ioensis var. texensis)
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|trees|deciduous|height 10-15'|spread 7-9'|sun/part shade|white flowers in Spring|Fall color|wildlife food|
Fragrant blooms in mid-April Blanco Crabapple (Prunus ioensis var. texensis)

This is definitely our showiest small Hill Country tree, with attractive blooms, leaves, and a cherry tree-like bark covering its smooth trunk. Almost gone from the wild, the Blanco Crabapple is covered with highly fragrant pink and white flowers in mid-April which mature into 1-1/4" green apples in October. The astringent apples cook down to make excellent preserves. Fall color is a riot of psychedelic purples, reds and oranges.This tree is a must in every native plant setting.

Blanco Crabapple must be protected from deer until well above the browse line. They find it irresistable - no need to ever buy deer corn again.

We don't always have the Blanco Crabapples in stock but have gotten very good reports back on the closely related species, P. ioensis var. creniserrata that we have been growing for several seasons. The trees are more robust but have the showy flowers and colorful fall foilage too.

The showiest fall color in the Hill Country

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