Anacua (Ehretia anacua)
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|trees|freeze deciduous|height 20-40'|spread 15-20'|sun/shade|white flowers in Spring|wildlife food|
Anacua (Ehretia anacua)

Anacua / Sandpaper Tree (Ehretia anacua)

This fast-growing native is found from central Texas south, well into Mexico. It definitely deserves greater use in native plantings. Anacua has attractive dark green leaves as well as fragrant sprays of white flowers in Spring followed by dark blue berries in the Fall. The tree is very drought tolerant and the leaves are freeze-deciduous, making it nearly an evergreen in this area. It is not bothered by insects or disease and grows quickly to full height, casting a deep shade under its canopy. At maturity, the trunk assumes a curious, fluted appearance.

Anacua is deer-resistant.

Unique fluted trunk at maturity
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