Texas Sotol (Dasylirion texanum)
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|palmitos|evergreen|height 3'|spread 4-5'|full sun|greenish white flowers in Spring|
Green Sotol (Dasylirion texanum) Texas Sotol (Dasylirion sp.)

This large, striking plant is commonly found in the Hill Country as well as the eastern Trans-Pecos region of the state. Sotol forms a rosette of attractive evergreen leaves with numerous greenish-white flowers borne on a spike 8-15' tall, followed by 3-winged BB shaped seeds. The Sotol's narrow leaves are 3-5' long, lined with forward curving teeth. Our Green Sotol (Dasylirion texanum) is from a robust native population found near Wimberely, Texas. The eastern Trans-Pecos species has recurved teeth (Dasylirion leiophyllum) while the western species has a distinctive blue color (Dasylirion wislizenii).

Leaves are deer-resistant but budded flower stalks can be at risk.

Teeth on the edges of the leaves face outward
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