Buckley's Yucca (Yucca constricta)
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|palmitos|evergreen|height 12-18"|spread 2-3'|full sun|white flowers in Spring|
Buckley's Yucca (Yucca constricta) Buckley's Yucca (Yucca constricta)

Slow to form a trunk, this attractive plant is usually found as a ball of thin, green leaves 1/3-1/2" across and 12-18" long. In the Spring, the plant sends up a 1-1/2' - 3' spike of attractive white flowers. This yucca is extremely tough and excellent for borders as its spiny tips repel deer, children, etc., but is not dangerously stiff or sharp. Buckley's Yucca is found throughout Central/South Texas and into the Trans Pecos.

Leaves are deer-resistant but budded flower stalks can be at risk.

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