Blackland Yucca (Yucca pallida)
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|palmitos|evergreen|height 12-18"|spread 2-3'|sun/part shade|white flowers in Spring|
Blackland Yucca (Yucca pallida) Blackland Yucca (Yucca pallida)

One of the most stunning examples of botanical treasures found right here in Central Texas, Blackland Yucca is sure to find admirers wherever it is planted. Endemic to the blackland prairie, this trunkless yucca has 1-2" wide leaves that airbrush up from a lavender rose tone to a soft, smoky blue. The leaves are arranged in an attractive, symmetrical rosette and often edged in a delicate yellow detail. Blackland Yucca is at home in sun or filtered shade and sends up a showy 3' spike of white flowers in the late Spring.

Leaves are deer-resistant but budded flower stalks can be at risk.

Attractive spikes of flowers in Spring
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