Boneset (Eupatorium sp.)
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|shrubs|evergreen|height 6-8'|spread 4-6'|sun/part shade|yellow flowers Summer to Fall|attracts butterflies|
Dark green foilage contrasts with abundant yellow flowers Yellow Senna (Senna corymbosa)*

This evergreen shrub is one of the many transplants for the pampas of Argentina that thrives in our area. It is a fast growing plant that can reach 4-6' tall in a couple of years in most settings..

The evergreen leaves are a dark green and contrast the bright yellow flowers that bloom June to October. The plant is very drought tolerant and adapted to caliche soils. The plant does well in both Houston or Austin. It may be sheared. For a hedge space every 4', individual specimens may be up-pruned to an 8' height. Two-leaf Senna is evergreen to the low teens and is rarely harmed by cold in our area.

The leaves have a distinctive scent that discourages deer.

*adapted non-native

Bright yellow flowers attract butterflies
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